A perfect fall day for a wedding...

You know those days during the fall that are the perfect temperature, the sun is shining, and all the leaves are the brightest shades of red, yellow and orange? Well this was the kind of day it was for Adam and Taylor's wedding! Adam and Taylor tied the know at Forest City National Golf Club, which overlooks Fanshawe Lake and boy was it beautiful!

I started off the day with Taylor and her bridesmaids. They got each other ready, exchanged gifts (along with these super cool bride tribe bracelets that you will see on Taylor in the photos!), and shared memories. I then headed around the building and met up with Adam and his groomsmen. Adam gave them all a little gift, and told the guys how happy he was that they were sharing this day with him.

It was then ceremony time! Adam and Taylor had blankets for the guests, as it was a tad windy, so everyone snuggled together and patiently awaited for the wedding party to come down the aisle. There were so many personalized touches during the ceremony. The wedding party walked down the aisle to songs like the Black Parade, and the Sailor Moon theme song! And then when it was time for Taylor to come down the aisle, one of the groomsmen took out his acoustic guitar and played while she met her man at the front!! Also, please peep Adam's reaction when she came down the aisle, SO CUTE! After their vows, they filled a box with a bottle of wine and a letter to each other so they could open it up on their one year anniversary together and read what they wrote!

Following the ceremony, we took advantage of the perfect weather and took pictures of the wedding party, which by the way I must say was such a fun bunch of people! After releasing the wedding party, Adam and Taylor and myself took a stroll around the golf course and got some really pretty pictures with the fall leaves. Also included was some goofing around, as per usual ;)

The reception was also very personal, people showed their love and adoration for the happy couple and the food was delicious! After Adam and Taylor's first dance, they brought out light saber's and had a quick duel. Taylor won ;)

And to cap off the end of my 2020 wedding season, I decided to bring some sparklers and bring out the wedding party for a quick shot, which I would say is probably my favourite picture of the day!

I hope you enjoy the gallery!