On the fence about adding a second shooter to your wedding package?

When chatting with potential wedding clients, I often get asked about the benefits of having a second shooter. I have worked as a primary photographer and also a second photographer for other's wedding photo businesses and I can say there are definite benefits to having a second shooter.

Here are some reasons why I think having a second shooter is beneficial:

You get more photos

This is pretty self explanatory...the more active cameras, the more images you will get! Having a second photographer ensures there is no shortage of photos that land in your final gallery that fully captures your wedding day.

there's more variety and perspectives

This gives you the chance to see certain moments of your day at different perspectives. You can get up close and wider angle shots of the exact same moment. This also gives myself and the second shooter the opportunity to divide and conquer! I can be with you photographing your wedding portraits, and the second shooter can be at cocktail capturing some meaningful candids of your guests.

Photo by Meg Downey Photography

Photo by Sarah Savile Photography, edited by me

Getting ready photos are a breeze

If you decide you want getting ready photos for both wedding parties, I highly recommend opting for a second shooter. With only one photographer, it might become a bit of a time crunch to capture both parties especially if travel is involved. With two photographers, there is more time to capture all those special moments involved in the getting process and less stress! You will know that everything is taken care of.

Photo by Meg Downey Photography

Photo by Sarah Savile Photography, edited by me

have more questions?

If you have more questions about wanting to add a second shooter for your wedding day, please do not hesitate to reach out!