Backyard weddings were the thing of 2020...

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people opted to have their weddings in backyard settings, and let me tell you, I WAS HERE FOR IT! There is something about a backyard wedding that is so chill compared to a formal wedding venue. Now, I will say that Jamie and Meghan got engaged in 2018 and had planned to have a backyard wedding from the get-go!

A little back story. Jamie is my boyfriend's cousin and they were very very close growing up. So when Meghan was brought into the family, there were now two Meghan's! My boyfriend's family literally calls us Meghan 1 and Meghan 2 lol. I am the second since I'm not married into the family yet, but TECHNICALLY I was there first ;) All jokes aside, Jamie and Meghan are fantastic people, and fit so well together. They are also SO FUNNY and you will see that in some of these images lol.

They decided to get married on Meghan's fathers property and on the day of the wedding, the space was transformed into a dream! I started off the day by meeting up with Meghan and her crew at her house, which happens to be right down the road from her father's place. I captured photos of everyone getting ready before heading to see Jamie who was getting ready at the wedding area. When I arrived, Jamie was tossing a baseball around with his long time buddy and best man so I was able to capture some memories of that!

A few hours later and it was made official! Jamie and Meghan tied the knot!

FUNNY STORY ALERT! Jamie and Meghan planned to exit the ceremony to the song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers but for some reason the audio wasn't working so all the wedding guests chimed in and sang it for them! It was awesome!

The remainder of the evening was filled with drinks, food, laughter, fireworks and a slideshow compiled of well wishes from people that could not be there #pandemiclife. Meghan has family in Holland and they could not travel, and only close relatives attended the wedding so friends could also not make it. Also, please peep their adorable dog Zola who makes an appearance in a few photos! I had so much fun and I hope you enjoy a snippet of their gallery.