What A Day!

If you ask any photographer, we all have a list of locations where we can bring our clients when they book a session. And you know we all have bucket list locations for where we want to shoot. And an alpaca farm was a bucket list for me! When Colleen and I were chatting about what to do for their engagement session she said she wanted to do something fun and she brought up going to Samy's Alpaca Farm and I just about jumped out of my seat! We picked a day in November and made the trek outside of London. Automatically, I knew this would be a good time because Colleen and Jeremy jumped right in to feeding the alpacas. We learned a lot about these precious creatures, and I learned that alpaca's sometimes like to spit on you LOL. We got to walk the alpaca's on the road, and then we dropped them back off and got to use the grounds for some alpaca-less shots. Colleen and Jeremy are so laid back and you can tell how much they love each other! Can't wait for their wedding in July!!