One of the sweetest sessions I've had the pleasure of photographing...

These images are a PERFECT example of doing what you want to do for your session. Sam and Joel wanted memories captured around their horse farm as they awaited the arrival of their twin boys. Let me set the scene:

Vibrant hues of autumn danced across the farm, casting a golden glow on Sam, Joel, their dogs and the horses. We walked around their property and visited the many horses who call the barn home. They were in their element, especially since this is something Sam and Joel do regularly - I mean, they even have a dedicated bench which made for the perfect viewing spot to watch the sunset! When I say you witness the BEST sunsets on this property, I'm not lying. The horses seemed to understand the significance of the occasion. I will always have so much love for Sam and Joel. They trusted me to capture their wedding, they've let me photograph many families on their property and now I was blessed with being able to capture this next chapter of their lives.

Enjoy the photos.

Pregnant woman laughing with dogs and horses
Miniature pony kissing woman on the cheek