Happy Family Day!

I hope you are having a great day spending time with your loved ones!

Today on the blog, I am featuring the Greenwood family. This family is near and dear to my heart because I actually photographed Kyle and Emily's wedding, their maternity photos, and the newborn photos of baby Maddy! Kyle's mother Mary had reached out to me and said that she wanted to get a photoshoot of her family, and she actually had an inspirational photo that she wanted to re-create! In her home (which is pictured above), she has this picture that probably dates back from the 1920s. It's black and white, and it has a family standing in front of her home back then with two little kids in the front, and the rest of the family standing off to the side and behind the children. I thought it was really neat that she wanted to re-create it, so I was up for the challenge! AND, Mary's son actually lives next door to her, so we took some family shots outside of their house. Then, I thought, "well, why don't we go get a photo in front of Kyle and Emily's house?" They lived about 5 minutes away. And now, the family has a keepsake photo in front of each of their homes :) We then walked to a local trail and took some shots there!

If you have ever wanted a photoshoot, but didn't want it all in one spot, that is no problem! I love being able to photograph places that are special to the family. Maybe you have a favourite trail you hike with the fam and maybe before that you guys make pancakes at home and you want that captured, that's cool too! For me, it's all about capturing your family in the moments that mean the most to you!

Ps, the last photo is the image I re-created for them! I don't have a copy of the original because it's hanging on the wall of their home :)